Cyril Tawney “Nautical Tawney” Songs of the Old Seafarers ADA104C




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Track Listing:
1  The Dark Eyed Sailor
2  Waiting For The Day
3  Short Jacket And White Trousers
4  Gosport Nancy
5  Rounding The Horn
6  Pull The String
7  The Sailor Cut Down in His Prime
8  The Rambling Sailor
9  The Maid On The Shore
10 New York Girls
11 The Fireship
12 Mary Ann
13 The Female Cabin Boy
14 Yarmouth Town
15 Fare Thee Well My Dearest Dear



Songs of the Old Seafarers – the traditional side of Cyril Tawney -  featuring Yarmouth Town / Rambling Sailor / Gosport Nancy

Fifteen songs in all, gems from the nautical singing of the great man himself,
CYRIL TAWNEY, inspired by his early days in the Royal Navy.  His own unique versions of established songs of the sea, including Dark Eyed Sailor, Gosport Nancy, Maid on the Shore and Yarmouth Town, all becoming firm folk favourites and recorded by many other artists. 

“A collection of maritime material from the Grand Master …… An absolute joy to listen to.” … Folktalk

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