Live at Holsteins – Cyril Tawney ADA109CD (Limited Edition)




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Track Listing:
1  Suit Of Grey
2  Nineteen Years Old
3  Lean and Unwashed Tiffy
4  Ball Of Yarn
5  The Hogs Eye Man
6  The Oggie Man
7  All Around My Hat
8  The Drunken Sailor
9  Sammy’s Bar
10 Reunion
11 On A Monday Morning
12 Sally Free And Easy



Limited Edition CD of Cyril Live in Concert , Chicago 1981
Cyril on top form playing for the first time to an eager American audience.
Recorded by Rich Warren at Holsteins, May 31, 1981

Emily Friedman reports on the Aural Tradition concert:

“In the 1970s and 1980s, Chicago was a hotbed of folk music activity, much of it taking place in clubs on the city’s north side.  Although the music was acoustic, the bias was definitely toward contemporary singer-songwriters.  In the mid-1970s, several of us formed a traditional folk music concert society, Aural Tradition, after a world-renowned traditional singer was unable to find a concert venue in Chicago.  We held our concerts in various spots around town, and in 1981 formed a partnership with a new folk club called Holsteins, which was run by three brothers – Fred, Ed, and Alan Holstein, the first two being folksingers in their own right.  Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune described it as “arguably the best folk club in the United States.”  One of the early Aural Tradition concerts held at the club was the first Chicago appearance of Cyril Tawney, to whose music Chicago folkies had been introduced by Fred Holstein and Steve Goodman.  The place was packed, and, knowing that he was sponsored by people who appreciated tradition, Cyril spoke at length about his song-collecting adventures, his time in the Navy, and the traditional basis of his repertoire.  He was a huge hit and was called back for two encores.  The concert was recorded by the brilliant Rich Warren of WFMT Fine Arts Radio, who over the years has chronicled folk music in the city with unparalleled skill.”

“Live at Holsteins is notable for its warmth and effortlessness … If you want to be entertained go for the live collection” … Mike Wilson, The Living Tradition

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