Essential Batty Acids – The Omega 3 ADA111CD




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Track Listing:
1  It’s Only Thursday (The Clothes Peg Song)
2  Second Song (We Don't Look As Stupid As We Are
3  Baby Baby
4  Bournemouth
5  Peeing In The Swimming Pool (Harvey's Water Music)
6  Money Won’t Make Me Happy
7  Scrambled Eggs
8  1 In 7
9  Banjovi
10 My Dog Has Fleas
11 The Menopause Calypso (Naturally, Naturally)
12 Big Opening Number
13 Christmas In Australia 07 (mad wombat dance mix)
14 Massive Rug Sale



After a career break of 20 years Derek and Clive, founder members of the hugely popular ROARING JELLY, return to the music scene with their first CD offering from the new line-up, THE OMEGA 3.

With no expense incurred and extensive sleeve notes by Laurie van Truck, “Essential Batty Acids” can only be described as “eccentric British daftness” with witty renditions touching on everyday subjects such as - sado-masochism - are banjos sexy - dogs with fleas - plus a re-work of an old jelly favourite “Christmas in Australia”.

Hilarious ditties from the makers of Roaring Jelly. Definitely music from the jelly mould!

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