Waltzers and Wonders, The Wakes is in Town – The Ram Company ADA112CD




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Track Listing:
1  Mr Gavioli
2  Building-Up Song
3  Roll a Penny, Toss a Ball
4  The Helter Skelter (The Barker's Shanty)
5  The House of Wax
6  Show Your Strength
7  (Tell Me, Tell Me) Madam Zaza
8  Sam Taylor, The Ilson Giant
9  Julie's Chance
10 Mary Ann, The Tattooed Lady
11 Looking for Love
12 Lily Gilders
13 Steeetfayre and Hackett's Golden Gallopers
14 Pulling-Down Song
15 The Fairground



An exciting new album from Derbyshire’s, The Ram Company, which features a musical journey through the timeless entertainment extravaganza of the travelling Fair.

The Wakes is in town, don’t you know!  Time to Roll a Penny, visit The House of Wax, see The Tattooed Lady, Show Your Strength, and ride Hackett’s Golden Gallopers.  All the fun of the Fair. 

From the song cycle by Ian Carter with additional music from Sarah Matthews, Gareth Turner and John Tams.

A captivating collection of mainly new songs, firmly based in English Traditional Music played and sung by nine of the Midland’s finest folk musicians.

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