Good Enough for Me, 20th Anniversary Tour Edition  – Finest Kind ADA113CD




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Track Listing:
1   The Times They Are a-Changin' (Bob Dylan)
2   Fond Affection
3   No More Fish, No Fishermen (I. Sheldon Posen, BMI; John Goss)
4   Someday You'll Call My Name (J. Branch; E. Hill)
5   Home in Pasadena (Harry Warren; Grant Clark; Edgar Leslie)
6   Fa-Sol-La (I. Sheldon Posen, BMI)
7   The Banks of Sweet Primroses
8   Down at the End of Memory's Lane
9   Pleased To See The King
10 Goodnight-Loving Trail (Bruce Phillips)
11 Homeless Wassail (Ian Robb, SOCAN)
12 A Pilgrim's Way (Rudyard Kipling; Peter Bellamy)
13 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Carole King; Gerry Goffin)
14 At the End of a Long Lonely Day (Marty Robbins)





Inevitably, Finest Kind put their stamp on every song:  they don't sing like Bob Dylan, but do give  The Times They Are a-Changin' as much edge as he does.  Their stunning harmony arrangement of an English pastoral song like The Banks of Sweet Primroses is far removed from the many great old singers who contributed it to folk song collections.  It bears little resemblance even to the singing of the incomparable Copper Family, who have traditionally sung in harmony for generations.  Finest Kind make the song their own to do it justice and pay proper homage to its sources.

Here we offer a classic Finest Kind assortment:
The traditional Fond Affection, Down at the End of Memory's Lane and Please to See the King share a bed with songs of the 1960s, when Dylan's folk songs became pop songs and wonderfully singable pop songs like Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow and Home in Pasadena became folk songs to a generation.  Two Country hurtin' songs, At the End of a Long Lonely Day and Someday You'll Call My Name stare Kipling's spirit-raising A Pilgrim's Way in the face, and they add a couple of their own reflections:  Ian's Homeless Wassail and Shelley's No More Fish, No Fishermen are both powerful songs about contemporary issues, and Shelley's Fa-Sol-La is an ode to the pure joy of raising the roof in song. 

This CD was released to coincide with Finest Kind’s 3rd UK Tour 2011 - a huge success!

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